Claudia Arredondo is a sophomore with a speech communication major and a visual communication design minor at St.Mary’s University. she enjoys talking to people and sharing her love for fashion design, NASA, crafting and her favorite band The 1975Arredondo-Mugshot.

Ever since Arredondo was four years old she had seen herself as an engineer, but that changed after her first semester at St. Mary’s when she realized that she didn’t enjoy the lack of creativity that the engineering program entailed. When she finally realized that engineering wasn’t for her, she ventured out of the STEM program that she had known all of her life and stumbled upon the school of humanities where she found her calling.

Arredondo plans to graduate in May 2019, and although she doesn’t know what the future holds for her, she is sure that she will be able to make a difference. She doesn’t know what she will do, but she might find herself working for NASA, in the fashion industry or even in the music scene. Only time will tell, but for now, you can find her around campus looking for new things to do.