I Jump Head-First Into my Future


This semester already feels different, it’s the first semester that I’m taking major and minor specific courses since I am no longer in the SET program. I hope that in this course I’ll be able to use what I learn in my assignments in an efficient matter. I’m really excited to go out and talk to people and really get a sense of how other people think here at St.Mary’s and I’m excited to learn how to and use new programs that I have never worked with before. I hope that this course will help me open up a bit more and become more confident, because if I’m being honest, for someone majoring in speech communication, I’m quite shy. I’m no longer that outgoing girl who wanted to become an engineer.

I’m very impatient, so patience is going to be something that I need to work on a lot in this class. I like to see things get done quickly and when they don’t I tend to get frustrated, so I really have to work on being a little more patient. I know that in the long run it’ll help me. I’ve also never done anything involving media production so I will be learning new things, I will have to dedicate a lot of time to get things how I want them to be. I am also a perfectionist so that is also a challenge sometimes since I tend to spend a significant amount of time trying to make things as close to perfect as possible. I will just have to focus on making sure my assignments are done ahead of time. This course relates to my career because visual communication design is one of my minors, I don’t know how I will use this course in my career but I know that I will be using it for personal use. I’m glad that I changed majors and that I am now in speech communication because it gives me a chance to do what I enjoy doing. I’m thankful for the opportunities that I have encountered here at St.Mary’s and I will take everything that I will learn in this class so I can make a positive impact.


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