Final Thoughts For the Semester


My communication skills have greatly improved because I had to actually talk to people and get the confidence to take pictures and videos of them. Technologically I learned a lot, at first it was frustrating because it was new to me but as soon as I got how to work on Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and on WordPress it was a breeze. I didn’t think that I would be able to work on something so smoothly and efficiently. Visually I learned what works best, I found my aesthetic. I was able to experiment in this class and I gained a great amount of insight from taking pictures and videos from different angles so that I could tell a story that is visually pleasing to others and myself. Interpersonally I found myself. I was able to learn what I like to do and what I don’t like. I love editing audio…video not so much. Most importantly I love talking to people and hearing their stories and getting to document what they say makes it very special because I get to share their story with others. I got to learn a lot about myself as well. I was able to develop amazing organization skills since I had specific deadlines that I had to meet. I couldn’t turn anything in late so I made sure to write everything down in my planner and on my to-do lists. This class helped me not procrastinate since I couldn’t leave everything for the last minute. Most importantly this class paved the way to many opportunities and opened a lot of doors for me. Thanks to everything that I learned throughout the semester I was able to talk to the main person from the Helotes Humane Society and I was given the opportunity to help them make their social media presence and photograph their pets at their adoption events. People will know who I am and I get to help out animals. It’s a win win situation and I am glad that I took this class and was able to gain knowledge.